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NetworkTrafficView 1.82

Rated 5/5

NetworkTrafficView is a network monitoring tool that captures the packets pass through your network adapter, and displays general statistics about your network traffic. The packets statistics is grouped by the Ethernet Type, IP Protocol, Source/Destination Addresses, and Source/Destination ports. For …

GPU-Z 0.7.8

Rated 5/5

GPU-Z is a tool used to display information about the graphics processing unit (GPU) installed in the computer. This includes information such as the card name, processor, technology, die size, graphics memory, rated clock speed, chipset, DirectX version and the …

WinSCP 5.5.3

Rated 5/5

WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client, SCP client, FTPS client and FTP client for Windows. Its main function is file transfer between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this, WinSCP offers scripting and basic file manager functionality. …